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abstract painting in a room setting
Top 10 Award
Award Certificate

Acrylic and Recycled Water Bottle Butterflies on Canvas 150cmx100cm

Available $7 800.00
An abstract, landscape painting of the cherry blossoms reflected in the sun-dappled waters of the Villa Borghese gardens, Rome.


Painted in acrylic paint on 600 hand-cut recycled plastic water bottle butterflies, pinks, greens and blues dominate the painting.
Uncontrolled mark-making of the paint on the plastic butterflies using salt-bush. Applying the paint to the back of the plastic butterflies means that the image of the final painting is the reverse of the gestural marks, which reinforces this uncontrollability.
The butterflies are fixed to the canvas in a geometric gris that takes its influence from the Abstract Expressionist artist, Agnes Martin and the plastic butterflies echo her Bricolage Works.
abstract painting in a room setting

Acrylic on Canvas 200cmx70cm

Available $3 700.00
An abstract painting using leftover colours on the pallet and the end of each days painting of the ‘Lotus 2’ painting
recycledplastic water bottle butterflies abstract sea scape

Oil, Acrylic and Recycled Plastic Water-bottle

Butterflies on Canvas 100cmx100cm

An abstract seascape painting in acrylic, oil and recycled plastic water bottle butterflies on canvas of Kei River Mouth and the prominent Castle Rock.
collection of black and white animal paintings from Addo Elephant Park

Acrylic on Canvas 230cmx115cm

Available $8700.00
A collection of 32 (20cmx20cm) paintings of wild animals from Addo Elephant Park.
Each small work its own character.
A minimalistic approach, the line-art technique has its roots in San rock-art, which can be found in caves in the Zuurberg Mountains, at the foot of which lies the Nyathi rest camp. While fine-line rock-art, is brush-painted. Khoekhoen and Bantu-speaker rock-art is finger-painted. I’m blurring this technical distinction, using my fingers to creat the line-art.
Impressionist painting of Bo-Kaap acrylic and marker pen on paper

Acrylic on 425 grm paper on canvas 18cmx29cm

Available $800.00
With inspiration from the paintings of Alexander Rose-Innes, the street leading up from the deli, with the mosque on the right.
I was conscious of respecting the privacy of the residents, but managed to include a dashing man in his beret and white slacks. So different to the traditional Muslim dress associated with Bo-Kaap.
abstract flower painting

Oil on canvas 76cmx102cm

Blossoms on the tree outside the luxurious room at Nyati, Addo Elephant Park.
Fireflies and stars. The distance hoot of owls. The melody of the Night Jar. Silence. The hills, distance shadows. The great elephants, at one with the dark.
sustainable art abstract art

Acrylic and Recycled Water Bottle Butterflies on canvas 60cmx50cm

The collective noun for butterflies is ‘kaleidoscope’, which seemed appropriate for the light reflections off the various facets of the plastic water bottle butterflies
abstract black and white painting of a dancer

Oil on canvas 60cmx90cm

Line Art, painting with my finger painting technique challenging.
My latest interpretation using my fingers to form ridges of white paint, creating lines on a white background.
Light, the only differentiating factor.
woman dancing in c Central Park New York City
Award winning artwork

Acrylic on canvas 60cmx90cm

At this time of the 3rd Covid wave, inspiration for the painting coming from the mind-shift to ‘Not hide from the storm, but learn to dance in the rain.’ Based on a photo taken in Central Park.
During my time in New York City, I admired the artists painting various aspects of Central Park. Something, I never did. Perhaps lacking the confidence to ‘Just Paint’!
The towers are the first twin towers historic buildings in New York City, the San Remo located at 174 Central Park West, between West 74th street and West 75th street.
Finally sorted the fresh spring green colours. A mixture of Cadmium Yellow Light and Chromium Oxide Green. Bringing life to the painting with a touch of Quinacidone Rose that Cézanne used used to ‘transform nature’.
sustainable art recycled plastic water bottled creativity artists studio abstract art
Short Listed Winner

Acrylic and recycled plastic water bottles on canvas 150cmx200cm

Drawing inspiration from the Abstract Impressionist painter, Joan Mitchell and the painting I did of Lotus flowers in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Joan Mitchell’s work, a bridge between Abstract Expressionist and Action painters. Rooted in her emotional response to nature through memories, orchestrating her paintings in energy, mood and emotion.
Collisions of colour that are exuberant against the natural, white areas.
Uncontrollable Saltbush mark-making on the butterflies. My interpretation of the Abstract Expressionists.
sustainable art, recycled plastic water bottle butterflies, abstract art
dancer oil on canvas Impressionism

Oil on Italian Linen 35cmx50cm

Increased the tonal contrast of the painting, strengthening the white areas and saturating some of the black bits. Trying hard not to overwork the painting or loose the spontaneous mark-making.
seascape im pressions painting finger painting

Oil on Canvas  100cmx100cm

Commissioned Artwork
Beach each walk. Or rather, dog play.
Colours of the sea, incredible, with small fish playing in the waves. Gave me the chance to reflect on my seascape painting, and sort a few things with the waves that were bothering me
recycled plastic water bottle butterflies sustainable art

Acrylic and recycled plastic water bottles on canvas 100cmx100cm

Vegetation, unique to the Western Cape in South Africa, and sits with Fynbos as part of the Cape Floral Kingdom. With its profusion of bulbs, the dull grey summer look is transformed into a collidoscope of colour in late winter and early spring.
An abstract representation of the critically endangered Moraea Comtonii 
abstract minimalist painting recycled plastic water bottle butterflies
award winning painting

Acrylic and recycled plastic water bottles on canvas 100cmx100cm

(Available as a Commissioned Work)
White on White
White-on-White is acrylic and recycled plastic water bottle butterflies on 100cmx100cm canvas. It is a response to Michele Nigrini’s Colour Symphony. 
White-on-White. Shadows. Pure. Complete. Perfection. 
Is white an equal balance of all colours in the spectrum, or the absence of colour? White, full of meaning and life. 
Butterflies. Recycled plastic water bottles. Sustainable. The growing urgency to protect our natural heritage. A tribute to the garden influences in Nigrini’s works. There are 395 butterflies. one for each of her panels. 
Aesthetic bands of equal width, alternate matt and gloss white, taking inspiration from the American Abstract Minimalist Painter, Agnes Martin. Martin’s hand-drawn graphite lines, a reflection of the black lines in the panels of ‘Colour Symphony’. My painting technique of using my fingers, as much part of the imperfections that characterises Agnes Martin’s work. 
The differences in the butterflies are due to the part of the plastic water bottle they come from. Within the work, there is an added dimension that responds to the ‘marks’ in Michele Nigrini’s panels. 
Using salt bush cuttings for the application technique, and inspired by the pincushion protea that are in full bloom in this part of the Garden Route, a pincushion protea design in ultra-violet paint, is hidden in the butterflies.  In a spectrum beyond what we can normally see. 
We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.’
Maya Angelou
Award Winning Commissioned Portrait
Oil on canvas 50cmx50cm
Commissioned Portrait
My portrait commission, ‘Deurmekaar Weskus’ is a Finalist at the 6th International Figures&Faces Exhibition.
Jury selection from 603 entries from around the world.
“You would hardly believe how difficult it is to place a figure alone on a canvas, and to concentrate all the interest on this single and unique figure and still keep it living and real.”~Edouard Manet
Acrylic on canvas 150cmx150cm


Known for its brilliant cat sightings (lion, cheetah, and even leopard), mainly because of the two broad riverbeds where all the antelope and buck hang out, and it’s all pretty visible to the roads. The roads through Kgalagadi follow these two riverbeds, south to north. Also, the territory is conducive to long sprints for the cheetah.


These cubs were spotted in the northern part of Kgalagadi, along the Nossob riverbed. Seated low in the grasses, with only their heads popping up. If they’d lain down, they’d have disappeared from sight. Their mother was sitting a little way away, keeping check on them.
Acrylic on canvas 60cmx50cm
Khartoum, Sudan.
Children reveling in the uniqueness of a rain shower.
I wanted to capture the happiness of celebrating the small stuff. Particularly at this time of disquiet and upheaval.
The rich colours of Cyan.
Apparently, Michelangelo, his first painting “The Holy Family” when he was 28 years old used three colors, Yellow, Cyan, and Magenta. The cyan could have been Azurite, Blue Vitriol or Pompeian Blue Lake, a Ferris-cyan, Indigo, or Bremen Blue or a native Cobalt Blue that had a cyan color. It wasn’t Ultramarine Blue.
Acrylic on canvas 70cmx70cm
Hold The Open Heart

Finalist International Art-in-Isolation Exhibition

Oil on canvas and paper 100cmx150cm


London International Award 2020
special recognition ward.008
Finalist 2020

Acrylic on canvas 90cmx60cm


sea spray

Inspired by Yayoi Kusama

Oil on canvas 20cmx20cm



Repurposed Cardboard

Sculpture 50cmx30x20cm


Painting with my fingers

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