December 2012
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Juba Adventures 31st Dec 12 After five months of being in the apartment, I finally connected the stove and found out how to switch it on, while ensuring that I didn’t gas myself. With a working stove and before the eggs I bought last week, and kept forgetting in the office fridge went bad, I decided to get an omelet sorted. I needed to wash

Trek FishermenOil on Linen 35cmx40cmNo surprise that the specially organised eggs and butter, in anticipation of everything being closed for the Christmas holidays, got left in the fridge in the office. So much for my planning!Christmas morning, awake early, lazed until it was light enough to head out for my jog. I took some of the smaller interconnecting roads around the apartment as I

It seems a tad  crazy to be looking to paint 30 paintings in 30 days, as challenged by Leslie Saeta in her weekly Artists Helping Artists blog talk radio. Particularly as for the first ten days I will not only have UNOPS to run during the challenging dry season in South Sudan, but will also be standing in as the HC/RC/OIC with the

Somehow in the travels, I lost my South Sudan SIM card, which left me stranded at the airport. A novel, not unpleasant experience, for one who is used to being swept through formalities in a white UN chariot. Somehow the message got through to the office that I was stranded and the white chariots duly arrived. Fortunately in time to get me to