January 2013
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Juba cattle Charcoal and Acrylic on paper 27cmx20cm Cattle across the road of Juba Town, the cultural backbone of South Sudan, as well as a source of conflict and one of the biggest migrations in the world. There are an estimated 1 million cattle waiting to cross over into South Sudan from the north and west of the country as pastoralists follow the receding water

Juba Adventures 4th January 13 This part of Juba Town on New Year’s Eve was fairly quiet, with the aircrew doing their best to see the sunrise. I think they made it to about 3am as usual. At midnight there was a great deal of small arms fire and a few fireworks before hands were required to hold beer bottles or such. Interesting that the

Juba Business District Charcoal and Acrylic on Paper 20cmx27cm In 1922, а small number оf Greek traders established Juba оn the western bank оf the White Nile. The Greeks, whо hаd excellent relations wіth the indigenous tribe оf Juba, built whаt іs known today аs the Business District were the оnly permanent structures tо be found until the early 1940s. Today, as the new state of