February 2013
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While the idea of a vegetarian meal doesn't hold the horrors it would have in my earlier years, it would not be an automatic choice when selecting a meal. However, the culinary delights conjured by Chef Brett are something that should not be missed, and something to revisited. Working at the wood fired, cast iron, beast that is his stove, a culinary

Oil on Linen 35cmx50cm On the easel the layout for a group of 3 young men in Lakes State who reminded me of the restless youth in South Sudan, responsible for the current unrest and deaths, linked to cattle raids, politics, ethnic rivalry and the dry season. However, on my way to Juba 3, I passed a flame tree the orange blossoms vibrant against the

Juba Adventures 16th Feb 13 Went out on my long jogging route, the roads of Juba Town already busy. Rafa and Blackie, the dogs from the UNOPS guest house, joined for a bit which was fun. The traffic meant that for sections of the road it was like running through a dust storm. The churches were in full voice and street vendors had their fires

Juba Adventures 8th February 13 A day of smearing paint about the place. A painting of the ‘jump dancing’, which I find fascinating. You see school kids jumping in the playgrounds, and at the various ceremonies there are always a bunch of guys who are able to do the seemingly impossible. The canvas was smaller than I would have liked, but I'm still happy that

My painting of the refugees in Blue Nile has advanced to the next round of the Saatchi Online Showdown and os among the 300 remaining artists. The next round will be voted on by a jury led by Rebecca Wilson, Director, Saatchi Gallery, London. The final round (30 works) will be voted on by Artist, Barnaby Furnas, who will select the 1st and 2nd place