March 2013
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28th March 13 Rain over Addis Oil on Canvas 40cmx40cm Thunder rumbling over Juba Town, the scramble to ensure staff are safe as reports come in of over 100 South Sudan military casualties from fighting in Jongelei, reportedly heading towards one of our project sites. The airfield, a priority project to make it accessible for fixed wing aircraft has demanded bunches of time to unblock

22nd March 13 Jog time and there was even another headlamp jogger out! I felt as though I had a dozen disconnected parts. My calf was cramping, my head doing its boiled thermometer bit, my lungs the wounded buffalo impersonation and it felt like with each step I was trying to shatter the ground. Glad I was only on the short route!! Drivers pulled from

St. George Gallery Addis With no shuttle bus around, I opted for one of the ancient, matchbox sized yellow (those in the city are blue) airport taxis. The door sort of closed, and as long as there was a strong smell of petrol, the engine worked. With the driver chatting on his cell phone, it want long before the car went in a different

19th March 13It felt very early to be up and out on the road for my jog and I felt a bit like a thermometer with my head overheating, despite the weather being seemingly cool. A woman came flying past me which didn’t do anything for the ego!Finally got to do the painting, ‘Restless Youth’, of the group of young men from Lakes

Rajaf Cathedral Charcoal and Acrylic on Paper For Sale $450.00 A short hop across the Nile River is the village of Rajaf, dominated by its red brick Colonial era cathedral. 'the ground and walls were spattered with blood' following the killing of a large number of villages during the war which had its front line in Rajaf. The adults, mere shadows amongst the red walls, the children,

Oil on Linen 50cmx35cm A group of young men in Lakes State, South Sudan A painting of angles and shadows and probably not a painting that anyone will want to hang on their wall. However, it tells the story of South Sudan at this moment struggling for identity amongst strong ethnic divisions and to merge its war-torn past, with high expectations. Particularly those of youth.

Thunder and rain across Lake Victoria after a star filled night sky. Here, almost everyone is glued to the TV watching the ongoing updates from Kenya on the vote counting. Apparently there are a couple of key constituencies that are still outstanding that will decide whether there is to be a runoff. Neither candidate is expected to get enough votes but with all the

Dinner at Carmen's On the flight from Dubai we had a medical emergency and were diverted to Vienna, which meant a three hour delay. I had missed my connection from Frankfurt to Brussels and they wanted Euro850.00 to put me on the next flight as there we no economy seats. Otherwise I would have to wait until the evening flight. They suggested the train,