Diary of an Adventure

Pascal’s Country Kitchen, Napier

Charcoal and Acrylic on Paper 14cmx10cm

Helen and Peter suggested we meet them in Napier, about an hour’s drive for each of us, at Pascal’s in Napier. While the large black cat (Pascal) that is prominent on the blue walls, as well as the signboard, make Pascal’s easily identifiable. There is a sort of bewitching cabaret mystery of its origins that spins from the stairs, ensnaring those willing, and unwilling.

Within, a dozen spaces allow one to script ones own theater, complete with backdrops and props that relax and entice. With the rain having swept along the main street and moved to a different town for lunch, we chose the long table on the porch where Polly could relax and there was space for our chatter.

The service is friendly. The food simple, abundant and tasteful and the wine plentiful. Fredy agreed to drive, which left us free to enjoy the wines of the region. Hardly a chore given the great wine being produced in the Overberg.

Well worth any detour, from wherever. With good friends, extra special. Without them, still worth being ensnared.


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