May 2013
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Senses reel. Ears assaulted by amplified, sing-song advertising. Eyes dazzled by neon signs, primary colour advertising, walking stick handles in sparkling crystals supporting bowed over ancients. Incense, jasmine and even cleanliness, the smell of Tokyo. Have to love the spectacle 'cleaning bath' outside the optometrist! Extra special after Juba dust. Our Japanese secret weapon, Chiba, was waiting when we came through customs at

Takewaka, Spice 2 building, Metropolitan Ave, Ikebukuro, Tokyo An amazing meal of sushi, seaweed, tempura veggies and a fried chicken dish. The food was presented like a small Japanese garden and tasted incredible. From a root, type thing, our attentive waitress made us fresh wasabi, which doesn't taste anything like the tube stuff. It's still green, but rather than a uniform grunge colour, its

South Sudan Collection Gift Cards $25.00 per pack, excluding postage. Packs of ten gift cards from my paintings of South Sudan are now available. Thanks to Madison and Terry for getting such a stunning product produced in such a short time.

Among the many 'bucket list' experiences, attending the Franschhoek Literary Festival (FLF) should become a constant, and priority item. Irrespective of whether you are an artist, reader, writer, critic, tourist or resident. The FLF is exceptional and special. The craftsmanship, language, technique, tenacity, guts, inspirations, entertainment, humour, and fascination of being amongst those at the pinnacle of their abilities is heady. Dinner with

Clear, sunny autumn weather enabled us to enjoy the Gugulethu Tenors, an Afro Pop Quartet, on the lawns at Zevenwacht. Hesta kept us a spot, a bottle of wine, as well as blankets to stop our bums from freezing. The music was great, the setting spectacular. The weber has had a good workout, with remote instructions from Coreta. Looking out at the mist enveloping

The Long Table Restaurant and Cafe Dombeya Winery Stellenbosch Being at the end of the road, the only real issue with getting to Dombeya winery, and the Long Table Restaurant, is that you need to pass a dozen great estates and restaurants. Dombeya, is an indigenous tree that grows on the farm. It's autumn in the vineyards and while burgundy leaves still cling to the

9 May 13 Another storm over Juba Town, lightning flashing across the sky, the air charged with energy. Of course, the storms also bring the added complexity of how to carry out our programs amongst the mud and slush of a country that is two-thirds swamp. The misery for those in the camps unimaginable and not much better for those in the terrible corrugated

Juba Skies Oil on Linen 35cmx50cm I used the smooth texture of the linen to increase the translucency of the sky, selecting colours and paint brands that had a high transparency index. The focus was on keeping the painting simple. The string of yellow-billed kites soaring on the thermals created by the building storm clouds.

A huge moon over Juba Town, the roads still wet from the evening shower. A bit concerned about the presence of military at the main intersections, certainly not helped by the firing of shots. I don't think my running style is that bad?! Still, I turned off the main route, using side roads which are a tad more difficult to navigate, even with a