June 2013
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Irises Oil on Linen 35cmx50cm I have too much stuff!!! Certainly not the backpack it should be. Granted, my painting bits are a fair amount of it, however there still seems to be a bunch of bits. Not that I managed to throw any of it away in the move across from the apartment to the house at the UN compound, Juba 3. A

Yambio Western Equitoria State Jungle Rock, Gangura near the DRC border Yambio, on the border with the DRC, is a green world, of forests that stretch as far as you can imagine. We flew low over a sea of trees, intersected by rivers of pale green grass. A vast area without a person in site. Occasionally, a snake of brown is visible through the green,

Tribe hotel Nairobi Kenya, the iconic acacia trees against dark storm filled skies, lifting spirits, imagination as wide at the savanna. The traffic is Nairobi is either stopped, or racing. At ridiculous speeds, through the streets to get involved - as rapidly as possible - in the next traffic brawl. Pedestrians charge across the three lanes, momentary shadows in the headlights. I was wrecked

Kyoto Adventure The shinkansen (bullet train) whizzed us across from Yokohama, although no one told us that there isn't any space for luggage, which you need to tuck under your legs somewhere. Very polite assistants offer ice cream, including the green tea option, which you have to judge carefully to make sure it's eaten and the rubbish deposed of before you exit the

Ice Sculpture - TICAD V Reception Green, calm, gentle. Refreshing after the demands of being in Tokyo. Joggers, ice cream barrows and artists, sitting comfortably in the gardens along the harbour. This part of the city is stunning, with wide green avenues, elevated walkways, a mixture between modern and historic architecture, small interesting alleys, and pockets of secluded areas that are pedestrian friendly and