July 2013
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Juba Wildflowers Oil on Canvas 60cmx30cm On my jog I passed a clump of purple wild flowers amongst the green. Stopping to take a photo to use for a painting I spotted a coucal in the bushes! The painting doesn't have a focal point, which I may need to fix. Will glare at it for a bit and then see.

Oil on canvas 60cmx50cm Japanese Peonies, taken from an arrangement given to us by the school kids in Yokohama. I didn't know where the painting was going and tried not to over think the painting, rather letting it take its own course. I ended up simplifying the composition as the foliage was distracting. Also ended up adding more negative space on the right hand

Jog around my Juba 3 route, my legs feeling the two week holiday. Decided to take the rehab of my Achilles slowly, as that may be brighter than going crazy and damaging it again. Even with the different shoes its tender, to say nothing of my bum that still seems to be feeling the effects of the shower fall. Steve has given me

Vineyard Adventures A few chores sorted, including the dentist, slotted in between time with friends. Craig and Coreta came up from Knysna for a few days and with FSC also in town and Hesta and Mark looking for mischief, we made a lot of noise ate a bunch of food, and recycled a large number of bottles. The FSC team did an amazing lunch

On the Streets of Kyoto Oil on Canvas 50cmx40cm Ladies in kimonos are, as promised in the guide books, seen on the streets of Kyoto. The walk along the street leading to the famous area of Kiyamachi Dori Street, special. The Ultramarine and Phathlo Blue mixture, with Naples Yellow providing the basis for the painting.

A Woman in Kyoto Oil on Canvas The office committee did a huge job of organizing the Independence anniversary celebrations for the office. A couple of kids groups did a bunch of traditional dances and then we had Juba Rock. High volume, that pushes the lousy quality speakers into overload is a must, and the singer does some sort of karaoke voice over type thing.

A special catch-up with Angela, here from Oxford for a few weeks. Not often that Juba is on anyone’s circuit! Finally sorted the small painting of Polly that I have been meaning to get done for ages. It's not a dramatic picture but does show her in a typical, I'm not letting you get away, sort of mood. Juba 3, overcast and so quiet you