October 2013
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Customs Market Oil on Canvas 40cmx30cm Alongside the busses departing for Kampala from Juba, women sit on the edge of the road, their wares spread around them for the inspection of people rushing past. Their vulnerability and bravery, amongst the chaos, were the key elements I wanted to capture, using a small canvas to emphasize the multidimensional constraints. Scarves providing movement and life to the

Glass of red wine and storm skies over Juba Town Storm filled skies to greet me back to Juba Town. The roads flooded and empty as they had been closed to traffic for the departure of President Bashir of Sudan. The troops and police allowed us to walk, and so with suitcase in tow, I sweated a couple of kilometers until I could get

UCT Graduate School of Business Quiet contemplation. One of the values around which the UN Leadership Training is structured. Recognizing that they have a room full of frazzled field people who need space in coming off their ADHD lives. Within the fantastic facilities of the UNCT Business School, courtyards, gardens, art and the myriad of corridors rough the former prison, a natural maze in

Hi Jan, You said that you wanted me to write you up something about what it was like to try and follow you driving through Juba. Seeing how I’m not exactly in my best form today I have put together a document using pictures to best describe my take on the experience last night.. please see below. Jan, Steve and Annie, Thank you

Sparkling blue seas, the silhouette of flukes before they are slammed into the water, billows of white foam. Whales we did not expect to see. We had travelled up to the West coast National Park to catch the end of the flowering season and a million tortoises, only to find the area barred by a padlocked gate. As its a military controlled zone,