Diary of an Adventure

Juba Adventures

A minute silence at the UN Senior Management Group to respect the life of Nelson Mandela. Flags around Juba Town at half mast, a candle in the early morning.

Goat kebabs on the small braai on a warm evening in Juba Town. Cooked them a tad longer than ideal on the very hot fire. Will be glad to get back to the Weber!

I had a good jog and started my painting, a portrait of a chess player in Juba Town, his face twisted in concentration. I used a monochrome pallet to reinforce the planes of his face. A dab of colour to stop it from being boring.

Awake early and ready to head out to the office, in convoy as an added precaution, setting out as soon as its light, to miss the expected traffic build up as a result of road closures. Probably all unnecessary, but better to have options. The best part, the smell of fresh bread baking along the streets of Juba Town.

A thin strip of asphalt, bounded by drifts of red powdered sand against what remains of a concrete curb, and potholes carved out of once was a road. Through the dust, with heavily loaded trucks leaping through the holes, a guy on rollerblades, in a colour coordinated black and red skin suit. Nuts!

Dinner under the stars at Central Pub, the conversation lively, the food rubbish.

The coffee machine is cleaned, linen stripped from the bed, the house empty without paintings that have all been packed for Cape Town.

For this year, the end of adventures in Juba Town.


UNOPS SSOC Juba 2013


One thought on “Juba Adventures

  1. Blessed

    I have begun to appreciate artworks. Until you gave me that painting, art was just one of those things ‘crazed’ people did!
    Have a safe trip back home and regards to Terry

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