Diary of an Adventure

Juba Adventures

Juba 3 is busy at this time of the morning with construction equipment turning the area into flat cleared earth where IDPs can build shelters, and the perimeter earth embankments are raised to protect them from stray bullets. The area over the camp is shrouded in smoke and I have to modify my jogging route to keep as far from all this activity as I can. As I have meetings here first thing, I was able to jog in the cool morning which is certainly much easier.

The clearing activity, has attracted raptors their dark shapes at the tops of trees and lamp posts silhouetted against the sunrise.

We have done a first pass of program contingency options from which we will adjust the forecasts for the first quarter. Programme Criticality Analysis framework and other risk analysis frameworks received and to be applied to the portfolio and presence as a whole as well as to all projects.

Ade did our Innovation Dinner Challenge, made from ingredients he had grabbed from his house, or had in his bag from home. A tasty Nigerian salmon and couscous dish using Harissa. From Tunisia, it’s blend of anything spicy and hot they could find, mashed together with olive oil.

Petrol stations that have fuel are swamped by people hoping to get petrol for their vehicles. Diesel seems to be in more plentiful supply.


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