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Juba Adventures

Things in Juba Town today are peaceful, if tense. Mostly because the information we are getting doesn’t tell us what is actually going on. We know that there are anti-gov forces to the south of Juba and we see more evidence of tanks moving in that direction, but the reports from people coming back to Juba from Uganda say the roads are quiet with only the occasional sighting of troop movements.

Our days are filled with doing everything possible to normalize the situation for the national staff and getting programs going again, with due consideration for the volatile security situation. We are using the time to improve our planning to ensure that we are able to achieve as much as possible in the shortest timeframe. Importantly, our donors have remained supportive, despite the chaos.

Small child herding cattle along the main road unconcerned about the resulting traffic snarl.

Was hoping to head out for a jog, but the heat is brutal.


4 thoughts on “Juba Adventures

  1. Ann

    Thanks for the daily updates Jan. I also love the “fresh from the easel that runs on the side of the screen. Wonderful! xxx Ann

  2. Mark Raats

    Thanks a ton for the updates boet… Hopefully tomorrow is better still and that you don’t do yourself any damage along the way!

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