Diary of an Adventure

Juba Adventures

Eddie’s innovation dinner was to use an induction pan that works, with a pot (that doesn’t work on the induction hob) inside it to cook the pasta sauce.

We are waiting for confirmation of the ceasefire between anti and pro government forces, while there are reports that the pro-government forces have retaken Bor, assisted by Ugandan forces. In Juba, shooting was reported from High Malakal, with everything calm.

On the streets of Juba Town rubbish was being collected, and sweepers were out cleaning the sand from the roadside.

A painting of huts taking shape on the easel that reminds me of Monet’s haystacks.


One thought on “Juba Adventures

  1. Mark Raats

    Thanks Jandre’ and cheers a bunch for the regular updates – it means a lot.

    Good to hear things seem to be heading in a better direction but its safe to say you guys are going to have your work cut out for you. Best of luck to you all and take care….


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