February 2014
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The world quiet, blanketed in mist for the 50 minute walk to the office. Alongside the water, I was accompanied by Gods, Legends, Hero's, Nursery characters, Monuments and Dreams. Trees bare sentinels, branches etched charcoal through the whiteness. White, redefined by the stark beauty of a swan. Incredibly, with winter still holding tightly, a bank of yellow blossoms. Excellent hot smoked salmon and a

Next lot of linen washed and sorted for the ever swopping of beds as we cycle people through Juba Town. Our Innovation Dinner in the new Tukal had a different twist with Sher deciding that his innovation was to use the local chefs who provide the daily food for us to do the cooking and to teach them how to prepare and cook Afghan

Long night with the team, being available to talk. Endless wait in Entebbe for the flight and then total chaos at Juba Airport. No aggression. Simply chaotic as luggage from the arriving flights was stacked in mounds where it was impossible to get to between the crush of people, customs inspectors and the great big X-Ray machine that wasn't working. The sun blocked

Acrylic and Charcoal on Paper 30cmx23cm The canals of Amsterdam. A maze across the city that are impossible to ignore. Windows into worlds that entice one to look through, and around the next bend. The sun creating its own magic.

Brussels, with the sun shining, the wind a tad on the bone chilling side, full of the sweet smells of waffles. We walked through the Grand-place, the gilt on the buildings showing off in the last of the afternoon sun. Excellent music from buskers meant that we had an afternoon music festival as we wondered around. Not too lost. For our lunchtime meeting,

Charcoal and Acrylic on Paper 23cmx30cm The dark trees, silhouettes of the bridge over the canal. The hint of people against the buildings, with bits of light reflected off the water, provided a wonderful tonal painting opportunity. The charcoal dominates, creating a somber painting, with mushy dark brooding colours. Not what I was after at all.

Its cold. No rain, and I think there was something that could have been sunshine. A brief spot that wasn't quite grey. The flower market, a rainbow leading to the golden wheels of cheese. Our dinner (Pheasant schnitzel and scallops) was artfully presented, with dashes of veg. The bottle of water (organic, sustainable, green, recycled, expired, carbon neutral) cost more than the glass of