March 2014
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We are locked down in Juba Town as the military have sealed the town searching for weapons. Only a bother in that I have staff in hotels who may be vulnerable. It does mean that I'm forced to mess about with paint, which isn't the worst thing to be doing on a Saturday. My portrait, 'Leader of the Pack'. Amongst the wheelbarrow boys

Oil on Canvas 60cmx30cm Amongst the wheelbarrow boys who carry goods for those returning to the Protection of Civilian Camp at UN House, there is one who organizes them. Taller than the small kids who strain under their loads, he walks alongside the laden wheelbarrows and does the negotiation with the security guards to allow access. As a companion painting to 'Survival', I kept the

A hot afternoon in Juba Town, with the sound of small arms fire a background to the music of Dr John. The house smells of linseed oil from my painting of a young boy with his wheelbarrow, carrying goods to the IDP camp from the taxi stop. My painting, done with my mind conscious of the new direction our lives have taken as we

Oil on Canvas 60cmx30cm Juba, South Sudan. A young boy clings to survival by carrying impossibly heavy loads of supplies in a wheelbarrow from the taxi stop on the Juba - Yei road into the camp for those displaced by the fighting. Hot colours, of energy, and the heat of summer.

Dark skies, humid and hot. My body searching for breeze either from a fan, and air conditioner or the wind. The change from Copenhagen winter to the tropics, blown out of proportion by whatever bug is in my system. Juba feels like its holding its breath as the treason trial gets underway, and there are few smiles. The centre of the town is

Pixie cafe, in Østerbro, a part of the city we had not visited before. With the weather still cold, but not freezing, we walked through the park accompanied by early dog walkers, before the city changed into residential mode. Baby strollers, joggers cyclists, competed for the section of pavement that the shipowners hadn't commandeered for displays and special offers. The smell of coffee

Charcoal and Acrylic on Paper 25cmx35cm Branches of Magnolia blossoms in the restaurant, that Terry noticed were slowly opening more each day. Around Copenhagen, many of the windows have large glass vases, with branches of opening blossoms. Spots of colour against the flat greyness.