April 2014
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Oil on Canvas 30cmx40cm On the easel, I'm at war with my portrait of Mina. Subtle tonal and colour shifts across her face. Reflecting a bubbling personality honed in harsh world of domestic labour and a will of iron. Must be the iron will that is giving me such a hard time!

As is being reported, the levels of violence, even by the craziness we have witnessed over the past few months, is incredibly disturbing and the impact its having on the moral and commitment of my staff is tragic. Groups huddled around the TV waiting for the latest news. Security updates devoured for an indication of what next? 'Train Across the Water', 60cmx30cm, Oil on

First painting in South Sudan of children and women waiting in the bread queue, when I arrived two years ago. A reflection at this sad time. Rhythms of life. Cycles of nature. Seasons change. Day follows night. Moon waxes. Years pass. After 2 decades of war, life in South Sudan, begins to revolve around the rhythms of life. The daily bread queue. Children waiting. Without

Oil on Canvas 60cmx30cm Dramatic sunrises and sunsets over Juba Town. The air crystal after the rains. Challenging the artist to do his best. Turner, my standard for drama infused translucence. The lagoon in Knysna from the new gallery studio, with its railway line across the water, a setting that Monet wouldn't have managed to resist. Yachts, the modern touch. A tad escapist, with

Arrival in Juba Town a tad stressful as Immigration and Security officials did their best to make the entry into South Sudan as unpleasant as possible. Early start made possible by sleeping at the office. The cold shower still not my best start, even if the outside temperatures are on the 'warm oven' side of the scale. I slept well, with the added

Tinged in yellows and golds, the vineyards are welcoming autumn, exhausted from their summer of fruit creation. There are still spots of later harvest grapes, as there are hot days dotted between the cooler weather. In the garden, the first of the Camellia flowers are out, while the fuchsia's are trying for a last push. Shirley poppy and Blue Flax seeds have been

A blank canvas waits. Multidimensional possibilities that extend out to the estuary and the sunset over the mountains. The tides creating a rhythm of reflection. What will be the gallery of TH2, is a dark space clad in stone, its potential slumbering waiting for brilliant coloured adventures. Upstairs, the apartment space is currently used as offices, with the open patio unused. Its spectacular views