Diary of an Adventure

Vineyard Adventures

Tinged in yellows and golds, the vineyards are welcoming autumn, exhausted from their summer of fruit creation. There are still spots of later harvest grapes, as there are hot days dotted between the cooler weather. In the garden, the first of the Camellia flowers are out, while the fuchsia’s are trying for a last push. Shirley poppy and Blue Flax seeds have been scattered for next Spring. Those that are not eaten by the Francolin!

We stopped in the tiny village of Greyton to see Dad and Mary, and eat lunch at the Vine. Excellent service from Maureen, who must have some Japanese ancestry as she seems to be forever running. Our steak was excellent, and it was good to catch up with Alan and Cynthia who are running the restaurant. The picturesque streets preened for the camera daring you to miss the view of a cottage peaking from behind a line of trees, or that mountain view deceptively concealed by a cloud. Not enough time.

Looking at the move to Thessen, I decided that my kitesurfing gear would not be a priority when I can paddle and SUP. Particularly given my tendency to being carted by the wind across the carpark! An online add, and a couple of hours was all it took for it to find a new home.

Glenmorangie single malt poured over the fillet on the braai, an innovation from Fredy. Certainly the meat was excellent! Pomegranate jewels in the lettuce and dill salad, spinning colours with the laughter around the table.

In the cottage, the new sofa has arrived. Curved to fit at the round table, the wave shaped back creates an arresting line that cuts across the perpendicular and straight surfaces of the room. The material, yellow whirls on a background tinged with grey is a tad intimidating to me and a red wine glass.


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