May 2014
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Our water is so bad at the moment, I'm not sure if my hair is cleaner or dirtier after my shower. My 'adventurous' pallet was tested by the breakfast Salah prepared that had elements of Egyptian cuisine in it. The olive, rice and onion dish, served with Spanish omelets was sharp and more than a wake up. For the traditional after the meal fruit,

Oil on Canvas 30cmx40cm From a photo by Elke. The road outside the UNOPS compound leading up to the banking sector. Remnants of Colonial Architecture remain amongst the emergence of glass and plastic. A tad nostalgic and romanticised, its Juba Town scrubbed clean by afternoon storms. An escape from the harsh reality of guns and cholera.

Early morning darkness. White canvas glaring. Waiting. Demanding. Images of New York City screaming from its surface. Singing and drums from the camp with the sunrise. My feet pounding the road. Different aches. Last part, a walk to ease cramping in my shin of all places. Painting of early mornings on the streets of NYC, reflected light in overnight rain puddles. Where only the

Unsurprisingly, given my excellent sense of direction, my twenty minute walk to the Philips Collection turned into a two hour afternoon walk through the park that is Massachusetts Ave. Dazzling white azaleas, with a sprinkling of pink blooms. White legs (mine are almost tanned in comparison) with shorts hauled out of bottom draws. Pent up energy, exploding from dogs. Street side tables packed

Macy's. Fleeting madness on their One Day Sale to search for the elusive wide fitting shoes that only seem to be available in America. The assistance as knowledgable and useful as I've previously experienced. A special visitors discount. Grateful escape to the tranquility of Bryant Park behind the Library. My moment of fame on NY1 TV, as I passed the protest outside the

t has a particular smell. Dazzling strobe lights. Head splitting sirens. Everything feels larger. I'm moving a few seconds behind everything. Leaves, a hundred shades of green, with the odd maroon maple. Scarlet tulips in street side planters. Fountains and parks for weary feet. Already feeling the effect of hours walking on hard pavements. I stood clueless gazing at the lift panel keyboard.

Juba Town is crazy with streets full of traffic. Shops open and well stocked. Street side restaurants busy and people all over the place. Tents erected for weddings and the soccer fields have nets attached to the goal posts. Players jog around the field and go through their warmup drills. A semblance of normality, within which, even the speeding military vehicles and convoys

Up early, still dark, frogs and cricket sounds slowly giving way to birdsong. It's perfectly still. Music, faint in the distance. Lacing on my running shoes, I can see the neon green stripe, which means its light enough to head out for my jog. No real painful bits this morning, which enables me to push the pace on the downhill section of the