July 2014
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Oil on canvas 150cmx90cm. (From a photo by Hesta) The joy of painting on a large canvas, my hands cramping from the extra work. From the cupboard, the box of crazy Ferrario paint (Zinc yellow, Monaco madder, Green earth ancient, sepia, Zinc green, Turquoise, Copt motun, Paris blue.) bought as a lot in England a dozen years ago, adds its own inspiration The turquoise colour

Unexpected days filled with sunshine. The braai a must, and an excellent foil to Terry's cauliflower and bacon tart. Doolhof shiraz, living up to the hype. Rich and spicy. Francolins in the garden, churning the yellow flowering perennials. Camellias in full bloom. Pink and red brilliance amongst the green foliage. The winter garden starting to stir as thoughts of summer increase with the

At this time, as the world spins - seemingly, increasingly - out of control, being in the midst of a raging civil war in South Sudan is almost the norm. One of the benefits of having a multi-cultural staff is that they bring different values to how life is viewed. One of these is Happiness Index in Bhutan, where Goss National Happiness is

In Juba Town there is a different war being waged. Walls and buildings in red, yellow, green and fushia pink, screaming from the blandness. Branding colours of the different mobile phone service providers being taken to new levels in their bid to attract customers. The number of bottles lined up, an indication of a lively evening at the house? Dolmades (rice and herbs

Oil on Canvas 40cm x30cm From a photo by Takeshi Akamatsu. World Cup soccer final day seemed an appropriate time for a small painting of South Sudan kids playing the 'Beautiful Game' in the dusty streets of Juba Town. The coiled action of the shooter. Balanced perfection. The goal keep, a looming presence emphasized by the impossibly tall people of South Sudan. Over the years there

Juba market, bustling with bright umbrellas shielding merchandise from the sun. Boda-boda drivers slouched on their metal machines, their Hip-Hop dress style creating their own tribe. Boy Scouts, an unexpected normality, amidst the vigilance for speeding vehicles carrying sunglass preening Presidential Guards. New recruits, resplendent in new track suits, on their formation run through Juba Town. An indicator of military preparation for a

Soldiers on the streets of Juba Town on the way through to the office. All friendly, without drama. Passed a child running down the street with a tireless bicycle wheel in front of him and a stick to guide and keep it going. A scene from Dickens, that has crossed continents, culture and time. Birds chirping in the reeds, the bright red bishops preening their