Diary of an Adventure

Juba Adventures

Soldiers on the streets of Juba Town on the way through to the office. All friendly, without drama.

Passed a child running down the street with a tireless bicycle wheel in front of him and a stick to guide and keep it going. A scene from Dickens, that has crossed continents, culture and time.

Birds chirping in the reeds, the bright red bishops preening their finery. Purple summer flowers next to the road on my sunrise jog. A gentle ‘draffie’ to test my Achilles, after not using the magic blue tape.

On the streets of Juba Town, the taxi’s are sporting numbers in round circles, a bit like brands on cattle. Its part of a registration and route control system that has been introduced with revenue collection the key reason.

Sorted the washing and then put my next painting together, of the roses at the entrance pillar to the wine estate in Turin.

‘No. 40’, a gentle painting, full of the heat of summer, a loose style to represent the languid life of Italy. Colours clean, the sharpness of the light.

Eddie did a good chili con carne for dinner as we planned the move of the main staff into the temporary accommodation at UN House. Water the issue with cholera still around and the filtration system not operating yet.

A parade of people through the office after the hard decision to reduce staff numbers as we continue to hemorrhage cash in the midst of the crisis. Behind each. A family. A dream. The real tragedy being that its unlikely they will find work again, unless we are able to bring them back once the country settles down. Numbers on paper, in reality.

The tension and volatility at odds with the midday call to prayer carried on a cooling breeze. Butterflies drifting gently past mango trees.


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