Diary of an Adventure

Juba Adventures

In Juba Town there is a different war being waged. Walls and buildings in red, yellow, green and fushia pink, screaming from the blandness. Branding colours of the different mobile phone service providers being taken to new levels in their bid to attract customers.

The number of bottles lined up, an indication of a lively evening at the house? Dolmades (rice and herbs wrapped in vine-leaves), terrine de campagne, cheese, wine and bougette all a bit surreal.

World Cup soccer final day seemed an appropriate time for a small painting of South Sudan kids playing the ‘Beautiful Game’ in the dusty streets. From a photo by Takeshi Akamatsu, the coiled ring action of the shooter. Balanced perfection. The goal keep, a looming presence emphasized by the impossibly tall people of South Sudan.

Misty on my jog, the moon still full and bright in the early morning. Spiderwebs sparkling in the bushes alongside the road.

Managing Successful Programmes, part of our excellence change program, demanding on time and energy. Successfully passed the Foundation level. The Practitioner level a tad more challenging. Particularly as my tooth has decided to join the South Sudan rebellion. Cloves bringing relief.

Passport issues with one of our visitors from Copenhagen. Hours of discussion to ensure he wasn’t deported. The release of his passport a different drama.

Tough jog after a night of storms. An impossible amount of effort required to move around the Juba 3 loop. Made worse by one of the contingent coming past me at pace, going through soccer drills every other step.

Escalating tensions in the Equitorias prompting the decision to move our staff back to Juba.

Paintings wrapped. Nespresso machine cleaned. Laundry sorted. Time to end this adventure and head to the Vineyards.


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