October 2014
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Head full of cold, my cough not the best remedy for painful ribs. I used Sariana's photo of a field of daisies for my painting, Garden Pixie. I noticed a shadow in the one part of the picture that reminded me of a pixie. All the meds? Solar powered traffic lights are being placed at the major intersections around Juba Town. Many of them

My ribs still a tad painful from where my elbow went into them on my fall, so no jogging Also too lazy! I do have Japanese magic pads to ease the discomfort. My running magazine has suggested a core-muscle workout as an alternative to shaking the ground. Sunday Papers, my painting of a man sitting in a sack of sorghum reading a news paper.

Oil on Canvas 40cmx50cm Weary after fighting with my painting. Not sure if it's because I didn't have a clear idea of where the painting was heading, or tried to do to many things with it. Perhaps it's simply an indication of too little sleep with my painful ribs, or the coming to the end of my time in South Sudan, and my mind

On the way back to UN House, we passed a couple of big white Land Cruisers decorated with purple and silver ribbons, carrying a bride. A surprise around every corner. Renewed fighting up North which isn't unexpected and soldiers back around the Presidents house. Fortunately we can take other routes to bypass where they are. We celebrated Eddie's Mum, daughter and brothers birthday with shortbread

Oil on Canvas 40cmx50cm Butterflies constantly fly around the place and with the bright summer flowers still splendid, I decided to bring them together in a painting. The panels of butterfly wings reminded me of stained glass windows. I kept the flowers loose, a backdrop to the butterflies.

After a fiery sunset, a beautiful evening in Juba Town with a huge moon and a tower of clouds flickering with lightning. Magical. Lots of noise from the PoC, with generators thumping the still air. On arrival in Juba, I went through the Ebola screening area, with the stamps in my passport checked and my temperature taken. Did wonder how the heat of Juba

Birds out chasing the day to wake up. New Francolin chicks adding their high pitch whistles to the bickering. Fields of white flowers in vlei areas around the vineyards celebrate. In the cottage garden, perfumed by the Brunfelsia, the purple sage is blooming above the blue riot. Joining the lavender, with Shasta daisies and agapanthus spears starting to make an appearance. All sorts of