November 2014
  -    -  November

Oil on Canvas 60cmx50cm A painting of rural South Sudan, Eastern Equitoria countryside, reminiscent of a Thomas Baines landscape. Using the amazing skies over Juba to create the movement his paintings are known for, as well as colours that mimic his palette to communicate the harshness of the light over Africa. Prussian blue, Venetian red, crimson, emerald green and chrome yellow. “I only wish

The sounds of the call to prayer floating on the breeze. A bunch of missions from HQ in Juba Town, and my house looks like a refugee camp again, with the washing machine and bathroom coordination the biggest challenge. Good to have their energy and expertise available at this time of change. My body is shedding water as it tries to cool down after

Dew drops glistening in the morning sunshine. First rays of sunshine waking the silent forest. Flowers of gold. Rivers of silver foliage. Above Simola, the contour path allows for easy walking, restricted by our unfamiliarity of the routes and legs unaccustomed to the hills. Alongside the Old Cape Road, tin houses merge into the forest. Infused by the shadows of elephants. Paintings waiting. Breakfast at

Evening, still hot in Juba Town, after a sweltering day. Generators, gasping for breath in the heat, buckling under the additional aircon demands. And, summer isn't even here yet! The full moon, ducking out from behind clouds forming into thunderheads. Before they loose interest and whither into puffs of candy floss. The hill behind UN House, wreathed in smoke from a dozen fires,

Oil on Canvas 40cmx30cm A commission piece of Frangipani flowers. There is a tree outside the house I pass each morning when I go out for my jog, and after the rain has cleaned the dust from the air, it gives off a slight perfume. The Impala lilies are also flowering again, which I included in the composition to locate the painting in South

Sky growling. Lightning in joyful abandon. Rain on the iron roof. Air flavored with freshness. Sheets in the wash as I managed to catch my finger on a staple that was sticking out of the mattress somewhere. The amount of blood disproportionate to the cut. Somehow, I need to settle my restless mind and sleep before another demanding day, where I have staff who