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Juba Adventures

Evening, still hot in Juba Town, after a sweltering day. Generators, gasping for breath in the heat, buckling under the additional aircon demands. And, summer isn’t even here yet!

The full moon, ducking out from behind clouds forming into thunderheads. Before they loose interest and whither into puffs of candy floss. The hill behind UN House, wreathed in smoke from a dozen fires, and dust – suffocating – hangs in the air.

Wind stirring mischief.

A commissioned painting of Frangipani flowers. There is a tree outside the house I pass each morning when I go out for my jog, and after the rain has cleaned the dust from the air, it gives off a slight perfume. The Impala lilies are also flowering again, which I included in the composition to locate the painting in South Sudan.

Overcast and quiet, on a ridiculously early morning. A few noisy crows, the odd vehicle and the distant sound of singing. Drums vibrating the air.

On the drive through Juba Town, traffic lights were working, and people were actually stopping at the red lights! Traffic flow, thrown into chaos, worse than before.

Fireflies dancing at the window screen.

A bunch at the house to sort outstanding issues, fueled by a range of cheese Eddie had brought from the UK. Stilton with apricot, Shropshire blue and Sage Derby. Bougette and laughter, washed down with too much wine.

Paintings packed, the coffee machine and linen cleaned. Time to head back to the vineyards and the studio for a week.


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