December 2014
  -    -  December

Owl hooting at first light. Sunrise walk in the vineyard. My painting not playing nicely. Canvas size a bother. Composition problematic. Head all over the place. Cottage full of people as the holidays start. The easy familiarity of long standing friendships where we laugh more. Three hour, slow roasted pork belly in the weber grill worked perfectly. Didn't manage the overnight salting that was recommended.

My painting 'Forgotten', of a women in the Konya-Konya market of Juba won an Honourable Mention at the 2014 London International Creative Art Competition, in the category for Professional Artists. This follows awards in 2011 (Beach Kanga) and 2009 (Baby You Can Drive my Car). The original painting has been sold, however limited edition, signed prints on canvas are available at $500.00 each.

Trees, dusted with the pink and red eucalyptus flowers. Yellow-orcha, stone filed earth, shimmering in the heat of summer. Farm dam, relief in which children play with the freedom of summer holidays. The summer menu at Clos Malverne intriguing. Litchi, wrapped in ostrich and stuffed with gorgonzola. Overshadowed by the simple salmon with avo that was sensational. Succulent venison, delicately supported by the cranberry

Anticipated craziness as South Sudan moves towards the first year anniversary of its crisis forcing travel changes. Fortunately I could get flights! On the Way Home, a painting from a photo by Elke taken on the sand road that leads to UN House. Taxi, at speed, against an orange, dust filled sky. The multistory building, incomplete and open to the sky, a glimmer of

Red skies at first light, with the call of a coucal on my jog. An extra loop tagged onto my long route, to take me back past the pond where water lilies are flowering. Singing and drumming from the PoC. The background thump of a donkey generator. Very special. Even after another twenty hour day. At the traffics lights, which continue to cause traffic