January 2015
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A collage of the thirty paintings that I did in the thirty days of January. The paintings are of our everyday lives in the vineyards. A celebration of beauty, so at odds with the demanding years in South Sudan. I will continue to paint these small canvases, for the pleasure they bring, and spend more time capturing illustrations in charcoal. I have made the small paintings

Overcast, with rain over the distant forests. The water stunningly still. Dragon trail of fire as the sun toyed with the blanket of cloud. In between looking at a multitude of housing options (unaffordable, smelly, lousy, unsuitable, stunning) that took us to various parts of Knysna we had never been to, I managed to do a couple of illustrations of the remnants of old

Deluxe Coffee Works. A new artisanal coffee roaster in Stellies. The fixed wheel bicycle and surfboard should have been an indicator. And if not, the portraits along the wall of guys sporting various strange haircuts should have rung alarm bells. This is serious coffee that explodes your senses so they vibrate with the steel guitar music. Wind chimes, and pine needles, as the wind