Diary of an Adventure

De Hoop Adventure

Smoke curling to meet the stars that fill the night sky above embers, pulsating with life. Dunes, a brilliant white, tantalize. Elegant, Bontebok graze, unperturbed by our presence, while ostrich roam in labyrinth patterns.
Hand packed stone walls, scream white manicured walls of the Cape homestead buildings. Ficus, sentinels on the barren landscape. Massive, corded trunks binding the earth. The spread of their shade, embracing.
A path, of white stones. Leading from the window to the blue skies across which the wind howls.
Our house, well appointed and comfortable. Ample fridge pace for bubbles, and even ice in the freezer on arrival! Dad and Mary had arrived before us to ensure that there was wine ready after our bumpy journey.
Charcoal and paper challenging. Stark aloes, white dunes. A world divided by the hand packed stone wall.
The sea, impossibly coloured in blues and greens. Dad managing the long walk down from the top of the dunes to the rest area. My bum complaining at the additional strain of thick sand. Excellent First Sighting Sauvignon Blanc in the comfort of the restaurant, a fitting end.

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