March 2015
  -    -  March

Acrylic on Canvas Board 12cmx10cmThe first painting I did after arriving in Afghanistan in 2003. The city grey in the depths of winter. The oppression of women symbolized in the men on Buskashi horses, painted in the black associated with the Taliban, towering over a women. Imprisoned in her blue burqa, but not cowered, with the splash of red under the burqa.

A breath seems loud on a still morning in the vineyards. Warm tranquil days painting vineyard leaves a gazillion shades of autumn, squeezed between impatient winds, stripping trees.Shoulder a bother. Physio working hard to ease traumatized muscles.Packing paintings into the blue studio cupboards for the move to Knysna. Stories from a dozen years, full of energy and emotion. Brown cardboard pyramids in empty

Braai time in the vineyards. Gentle sunset. Faint stirring of the trees. Seductive.Mum sounded much better, after hurting her back in the shower, to go with her fractured pelvis and torn hip ligaments. Going to be awhile before she is moving about freely.The River Nile in South Sudan is the most neglected development issue. Particularly given the useless road system and high cost

A breezy, autumish sort of day in the vineyards. The patio covered in leaves from the grapevine. The wind unsettled, in that 'Chocolat' vein, driving changes. With our summer visitors over, packing has started in the cottage. A spot or too of blood not unexpected.Something special about wrapping paintings and sending them off to their new homes. Edith agreeing to act as courier for those