May 2015
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Sweltering. Trees, gasping at the warm air. Clouds full of mischief. Finished fighting with my painting of the forest, Forest Phantoms. An evening spent looking for the elephants in the painting. Those intended, and those created by our imagination. A bunch of visitors from the vineyards, popping into Knysna from their various holiday destinations. Hesta and William, the roar from the Harley, almost drowned by

Oil on Canvas 100cmx30cm Available A place to let your imagination ride on the endless swells. Calm. Serene. Placing the horizon line a tad more complicated than I thought. Particularly as the aloes were the focal point of the painting, which would suggest a higher horizon with more foreground. However, this made for a heavy painting with insignificant sea. By increasing the amount of water, I

Oil on Canvas 77cmx101cm Finished fighting with my painting of the forest. A bunch of colours used in the painting that haven't been part of my pallet for awhile. A forest floor of Yellow Ochre, Mineral Violet Light, Cadmium Yellow Deep, Naples Yellow Light, Cobalt Blue, and Magenta. Trees of Permanent Red Orange, Cinnabar Green, Cadmium Yellow Light, Cerulean Blue, Yellow Ochre, Indian Yellow,

Stunning sunset walk. Polly looking for mischief. Lines on canvas. The forest. With elephants trashing loggers equipment, it seemed appropriate to have an elephant in my painting. Or rather, the semblance of one. A bit of a struggle with what appeared to be a lifeless mass of paint on the canvas. As it has for hundreds of years, on the main road through Knysna, the

A sky of orange, sun setting, darkness punctuated with fires. The other world, as the plane touched down, people frenetic to reach the next action item. My shorts in sharp contrast to the smartly dressed important people. Bird calls. Early morning. Still. Burble of chatter and the sound of running shoes striking the road. Breath vapours in the cool air. Cold hands. Aching legs

The salt water marshes of the Knysna estuary, constantly changing with the tides, and light levels. Shifting colours and textures of water and grasses, which we pass daily. An irresistible challenge for my painting of mushed colours. Bright. Vibrant. Malmeri Mediterraneo Capri Blu and Blu Eroclano providing coarsely ground colours with a high translucency for the water. A bit like having sea sand

Polly, oblivious to the rain, is officially a Swamp Brat. The mud at low tide a new playground of smells and rotten bits to eat. Discarded fishing tackle and hooks, a menace. Colour, attitude and a hint of daring exhibitionism in the annual Pink Lourie parade along the main street. There was a touch of dazzling, to go with the bravado, and the rain

Oil on Canvas 122cmx92cm The forest above Knysna.  A palette based on the coloured lichen that grows on the forest floor.  I focused on shadows and light, rather than on individual aspects within the green world of the forest. From my magic box of paint, Van Dyk Zink Yellow, Cinnabar Green Light (No63) and Cadmium Orange (no16) for the highlights.

Plans for the changes to the studio and apartment have been approved by the building aesthetics committee. Structural details next to sort and ideas for the kitchen being discussed with wine fired inspiration. A clearing in the forest. Saturday market, perhaps not all it seems. At first glance, the stalls well laid out, with a section for crafts that entice one to look, even