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Polly, oblivious to the rain, is officially a Swamp Brat. The mud at low tide a new playground of smells and rotten bits to eat. Discarded fishing tackle and hooks, a menace.
Colour, attitude and a hint of daring exhibitionism in the annual Pink Lourie parade along the main street. There was a touch of dazzling, to go with the bravado, and the rain lifted to ensure that it was done in style. Polly barked at the marching band. Ignored the silly pink yapping dogs, and found a spot from which she could be admired by the passing throng.
The moon lighting the sky, waves breaking across the sandbars, as the tide moves into the lagoon. Not a breath of wind to disturb the tranquility. I’m glaring at my painting of the forest, in the half light, to see if it glows with hidden wonder.
Forest Walk, a painting from the forest above Knysna. A palette based on the coloured lichen that grows on the forest floor. I focused on shadows and light, rather than on individual aspects within the green world of the forest.
From my magic box of paint, Van Dyk Zink Yellow, Cinnabar Green Light (No63) and Cadmium Orange (no16) for the highlights. A mix of Cadmium Yellow Deep (LeFranc) and Ultramarine Blue (Lucas 1862) for the dark green, with Permanent Magenta (Daler-Rowney) added for the grey tones. Chrome Yellow light (Daler-Rowney) and Cobalt Blue
The wine delivery guy has found the house, which means we have a strategic stock in case we get flooded in. In an emergency I’m sure I can get it upstairs.
Polly feeling poorly with little enthusiasm for her walks. Fortunately, she seems to be getting stronger again.
On the side of the street, a boy sits at a table selling potted seedlings focused at the passing dog walking fraternity, to raise funds for a new Lego set. Feels like being part of a film set.
The fire that raised the Boat Shed on Thesen a bit too close to the studio apartment for comfort.
Lighting options for the studio, with high CRI LED globes the recommendation. The light spectrum given by the globes cuts the yellowing effect and produces the most natural light, with low energy consumption and minimal heat output. Finding suppliers, a tad more difficult.
 Freshline the perfect lunch spot with the sun out. Scrumptious fish that only seems possible with your feet in beach sand, the sound of a ships horn and the air vibrant with sea spray.

In his time Jan has been an electronics, nuclear and power system engineer, a strategist, a humanitarian and an artist. A career path linked by creativity and innovative thinking. Initially trained at the Johannesburg College of Art, Jan has won numerous international awards and has exhibited nationally and internationally. He can be found in his studio ‘Jandreart’ located at Thesen Harbour Town, Knysna.

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