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Leisure Isle Adventures

The salt water marshes of the Knysna estuary, constantly changing with the tides, and light levels. Shifting colours and textures of water and grasses, which we pass daily. An irresistible challenge for my painting of mushed colours. Bright. Vibrant. Malmeri Mediterraneo Capri Blu and Blu Eroclano providing coarsely ground colours with a high translucency for the water. A bit like having sea sand in the paint.

Dentist visit to do a temporary patching job on my broken tooth. A few sessions ahead to get it sorted. A nuisance.
Under blue skies, a superb braai at J9. Rather more wine consumed than recommended. Coreta’s creamed spinach, amazing. Tantalising menus on the Weber with grilled whisky soaked salmon and roasted artichoke. Brandy infused duck breast with an orange and Gorgonzola salad.
An expedition around the various builders shops in Knysna, with coffee shop stops for chats and laughter, to look at tiles, bathroom fittings and flooring options for the apartment. A pleasant surprise with stock availability and attentive, knowledgable staff.
Low tide. Pools of sea life. Mud splattered, soaked Border Collie mayhem, with the boys visiting Polly.
Stopped in at the old jail in Knysna which is used as an art centre. The exhibition of paintings had a few works of interest. All very pretty, soft paintings that had me wondering whether my paintings would stand out. There was a group painting in one of the inner rooms that had the feel of cloistered monks creating beautiful works, totally insulated from reality. Not a wine glass, or bottle in sight!

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