Diary of an Adventure

Leisure Island Adventures

Candle light. Dancing flames. Window reflections. Mirror smooth waters. Wine glasses, full of mystery. Taste miraculously altered with food combinations. Alchemy under star filled skies. Moon edged against ultramarine blue skies. Morning mist, soothing wine monsters.

The restaurant at the Turbine did a fabulous meal, paired with wines selected with a magicians art. While the lamb was disappointing, and the beef cheeks cried out for one of Terry’s 3-day stock’s, the food was tasty and rewarding, on a cold evening in Knysna. The highlight, the tomato and red pepper soup, paired with a Sauvignon Blanc. A combination, smiled on by the Gods. 
On the easel. Lines of fire in my painting Jesters Hat. Inspired by curved aloe leaves, and primary coloured flowers.
Polly tangled in Jesus thorn bush. Vicious spikes ensnaring her in a prison of fear. Fortunately, she kept calm until she could be cut from the bush. The T-bone streak bone easing her bruised ego.
Glazed doughnut look. Head full of cold. Not my best.
Calm morning, coucal’s calling out their warning of the bad weather coming our way. Winds roaring their wrath, before calm again settles across the lagoon.
At the apartment, the roof over the patio has gone. The foundations for the new garage section are done and we continue the finalization of tiles and other bathroom bits. 

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