Diary of an Adventure

Leisure Island Adventures

One has to question, how it’s possible to have so much blood shed in opening cardboard boxes.

A combination of Project Management build and kindergarten assembly. The new easels for the studio. Slowly coming to life as paintings are moved out of their wrapping. Walls that were dead, insignificant against the brilliant colours. Lighting still complex. All temporary as the front walls need to be removed. Yet. No less thrilling. Incredibly privileged to have such an amazing space, with its captivating views across the lagoon. For now. Simplicity the guide.

David and Heather visiting. Mark here from Perth. Polly has a house (even more jumbled as we move paintings and bits into the studio) full of new playmates.

Birds greeting the sunrise. The heady scent of Syringa blossoms and Jasmine on morning walks.

David did a beer-butt, herbed chicken on the Weber. The extra large, fresh-range chicken from the Stellies market was perfectly cooked. Less sure about the red cauliflower! 

For the Knysna Art Festival, the studio is very much a work-in-progress as its being painted. A pop-up exhibition, Eye Contact, from my various humanitarian missions around the world squeezed into the building schedule. 

Sanding and sealing the poplar wood floors is ongoing. The last of the electrical and plumbing bits sorted, and the garage finished. The new glass in the patio doors is in place. 

Enquiries for my art to be used as book cover illustrations. The studio to be a stop for tourists. Presentation boxes for the small paintings ready and the next collection of greeting cards is in production. Banners sorted for outside the studio. 


A bit of a week


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  1. Your art is brilliant and so are those banners. They’re modern and classic at the same time. I’m glad your work gets a lot of attention, Jan. I wish you all the best with everything.

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