Diary of an Adventure

Thesen Harbour Town Adventures

Kite surfers dance in the wind. The yellow in the studio banner, perfect against the sea of yellow daisies, behind which the water of the lagoon, a silver mirror in the sunlight.

The Lotus Grill had it’s first outing on the patio. Not quite as smokeless as the blurb would have it, and it takes more that ten minutes to reach cooking temperature. I didn’t manage to get it hot enough for seared steak and will need a bit of practice to know here the limits are.
In the studio, paintings are up. I did manage, after careful measuring. To put holes in the incorrect place. Wine time!
Warmer days mean we need to be out earlier for Polly’s walk before the sun turns her black coat into a furnace. The route gentle along the edge of the lagoon, past the yacht club. Green grasses, sandwiched between blue skies and water.
First painting in the studio. The pavement my morning spot, with its view out across the lagoon. Afternoon heat driving me inside. I’m doing as many of the small paintings I can manage in expectation of a high demand during the holiday period.
The view across the lagoon reminds me of the Italian lakes, with the green forests and reflections of the building beyond the railway bridge. Kept the composition low to give room for the sky.
However, this did restrict space of the reflections, which is a bother on a landscape orientation. To counter this, I pushed the railway embankment across to the left of the painting to allow for increased reflections.
Morning shuffle rather than a jog across the railway bridge. Decided that if I was going to paint it, I had better at least visit it!
Foot traffic through the studio this week, a mixture of tourists browsing, local people passing, fellow artists and a group from a painting class. An option taken on one painting, and one sold to a collector in Switzerland. The studio is now also on the courier route of galleries as the painting of the Farmer has gone to its new home.
Latest Paintings
Boat Cluster
Boat Cluster
Oil on Canvas 20cmx20cm
Oil on Canvas 20cmx20cm
A Spot of Blue
A Spot of Blue
Oil on Canvas 20cmx20cm SOLD
 Time Trial
Time Trial
Oil on Canvas 20cmx20cm

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