November 2015
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At the well Artist: Martiros Saryan Completion Date: 1908 Style: Expressionism Genre: symbolic painting Technique: tempera Material: canvas Dimensions: 51 x 63 cm Gallery: Saryan Museum, Yerevan, Armenia Recalling his own background, Saryan said, "My ancestors had come to the banks of the river Don from the Crimea, and to the Crimea from Ani, the capital of medieval Armenia. I was born into a family which followed the old patriarchal customs. There

My fingers are full of holes, and there is more blood than paint on the panel I'm making for the laundry cupboard. My skills at carpentry a tad lacking, and I certainly don't have the correct tools. None of which makes a difference when you can't get the measurements precise! In my defense, the panel was incorrectly cut at the building supplier, which

Brilliant yellow, on spikes of grey-green lining the road to Boggomsbaai. The sound of waves, pounding the shore. Rhythmical. Sensual. Foot prints, as transitory as the land-art in my mind. A tad too much red wine with an excellent peri-peri chicken, Koos cooked, that removed the top of your head with its subtly building heat. Boring, it was not! Polly's tail feathers flecked with white from the

At the studio, the new windows arrived at day break, and the efficient team from Mickelwood were soon breaking out the old doors and walls. With noise and dust exploding from the studio, we left for a day at the market and the festival on Leisure Island. By the end of the day we had new windows and a new, working, front door. The

Pier in Gurzuf, by Konstantin Korovin. (1914). Konstantin Korovin, born in Moscow on December 5th, 1861, was a painter by vocation and, one can even say, by birth. It is with good reason that he has been called the greatest exponent of Russian impressionism. Indeed, analyzing Korovin's oeuvre and reading his memoirs, one is led to believe that almost from the very

Blisters. Stiff muscles. Creaking joints. Such, the first week in the apartment, with stairs. Walking into town. Carrying Polly up and down the stairs. A jogging program, and hours in the studio. We have a resident owl who sits on top of the security camera mast, filling the still air with its, fog horn rivaling, hooting. Head rotating to follow us on our walk.

Oil on Canvas 78cmx102cm A couple sitting at the Heads. I wanted capture the joy of the moment. Bodies coiled with mirth.  A bit of a fight as I wasn't getting the figures to 'jump' from the composition. Instead, they were fading into the background.  One of those days when the tonal aspects weren’t working for me.  Their small size also giving me problems. Detail   

One of the great exponents of expressionism, the Dutch painter, Kees van Dongen achieved fame both as a member of the Fauvism movement and the German Expressionist group Die Brucke. He is best known for his paintings of women, nudes, dancers and society portraits. Kees van Dongen was born at Delfshaven near Rotterdam in 1877; his full name was Cornelis Theodorus Maria van Dongen. He