Diary of an Adventure

Thesen Harbour Town Adventures

At the studio, the new windows arrived at day break, and the efficient team from Mickelwood were soon breaking out the old doors and walls. With noise and dust exploding from the studio, we left for a day at the market and the festival on Leisure Island. By the end of the day we had new windows and a new, working, front door.

The wiring for the lights a casualty, as they were running in the wall where the window has been installed. A bit of a bother.

Apartment living, within the urban – laid-back – environment of Knysna, with its traffic at peak periods (this is not New York City), and overly loud locals walking past at restaurant shift change time, is switching off your music when the music drifting across the water from some distant party is pretty good.

Managing the garbage and recycling is part of the morning routine, and sometimes an evening one as well, depending on how many wine bottles the patio has consumed. We have a sort of system that will probably need a bit more thought once the kitchen is installed.

A flexible black rectangle with a non-stick coating, the grill mat that Coreta introduced me to made cooking sticky ribs a synch, and cleaning the Weber even easier. It’s wise to wipe the grill may before it gets cold to remove the fat and other bits.

Owls nesting in the tree outside the burnt-out Boat Shed building. The chicks seemingly unaffected by the pounding of jackhammers and demolition chaos.

The ever-changing estuary in front of the apartment, a fresh ‘canvas’ twice a day, as the tides change. Movement of water, with shadows formed by sunrise and sunset added dimensions. The potential for Land-Art. Organic, temporary in nature, a fleeting moment of organisation in a seemingly chaotic world.

First meeting held with the Knysna Basin Project Team to discuss the delicate biosphere of the estuary and what is possible.


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