December 2015
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INSIDE DEVELOPMENT Jan Raats, country director of the United Nations Office for Project Services's South Sudan Operations Center shares what it's like working in South Sudan. South Sudan isn’t just the youngest nation on the planet, it also remains plagued by conflict and a lack of infrastructure and basic resources. Aid organizations have been rushing in over the past year to fill the void, only

Merry and peaceful Christmas to all. Phosphorous waves at sunset out in the lagoon, from the red-tide that has swept down the coast, creating mayhem for the shellfish industry. Weather stunning for the mile swim (I didn't swim) and the Blues Festival at Mitchell's brewery. Guess I shouldn't have expected the wine, at a brewery, to be anything other than subnormal, however, it was the

Rainy Day in London, Thames Port 1926 Lesser Ury was a German impressionist painter and printmaker, associated with the Düsseldorf school of painting, who followed his own style and is perhaps most well known for his skills with pastels - some consider Ury one of the most important pastellists of the 19th Century. Ury is especially noted for his paintings of nocturnal cafe scenes

Oil on Canvas 60cmx90cm Yellow cotton balls of colour on thin read stems caught my attention on the turnoff to Springer Bay. With the summer heat, the fynbos has changed. From the rainy season greens to grey renosterveld, sprinkled with a gazillion blue flowers like Christmas lights. Against the sky, a small farm house dwarfed by the tree protecting it from the afternoon sun. Thrilled with the

Wind buffeting the studio. Canvases dancing against the walls. Storm tossed seas. Polly hiding. Her agitated state compounded by kids letting off fire crackers under the covered walkway outside the studio. The view to East Head from the western side of the lagoon dominated by the tunnel of the old railway at Featherbed. I pushed the composition lower on the canvas to give space

Moonlit Night 1914 A German-Danish Expressionist painter and printmaker, he was a member of the influential Expressionist group, Die Brücke (The Bridge).   Best known for brightly colored portraits and peasant scenes (with a Primitivist slant) and for his interest in flowers, this work is a bit different.   In fact to me, this painting lives up to the name Die Brücke, for it bridges the

Translucent sails against the shimmering water. Slow cooked pork belly (the Voignier, Weber grilled type), with green beans and Mum's crunchy Tai green salad, overlooking another stunning sunset across the lagoon. Ateraxia Pinot a stunning accompaniment. Especially when combined with a taste of Vosges Pink Himalayan crystal salt, caramel chocolate. Muscles weary from carting the boxes of books into the apartment. Treasures from our

Rosmapamon 1918  oil on cardboard 36.5 x 49.7 Even today Maurice Denis' (1870-1943) place in the history of art remains unspecified. Known as the "Nabi of the beautiful icons", he is celebrated alongside Vuillard and Bonnard as one of the most important Nabi painters, a founder of the movement and its brilliant theoretician. "Remember that a painting – before being a battle horse, a nude woman, or