December 2016
  -  2016

Exotic cars. Roar of powerful engines. Lights searing the darkness. Focus, the world encapsulated within their mobile phones. All, oblivious to the magic of the owl fledging screaming for food, a glance away. Pâté de campagne with roast pears and chèvre chaud, our Christmas lunch menu. Broccoli and asparagus parcels with the red pomegranate that touch of Christmas colour.   Tiger, pouring his heart into

Magrets de canard with cassis and pears for our anniversary dinner on the patio.  Sage leaves fried in duck fat, and a citrus salad with asparagus, a visual and culinary feast. Good Hope Pinot and Mailly Extra Brut champagne superb. Blues Festival. A tad noisy for my taste. However, Ann Jangle was a revelation. Fabulous company made up for the lousy wine on a stunning

A South African impressionist painter, born in 1915 in Beauford West, Alexander Rose-Innes developed an aptitude for drawing at an early age. The Rose-Innes family moved to Port Elizabeth in 1927, where he began his art studies at the Art School of the Port Elizabeth Technical College, under Francis Pickford and Jack Heath. After completing his studies, he enrolled as an apprentice sign-writer,

Suzi's Christmas table, beautiful set, a runway for Santa and his sleigh. An outstanding meal with good company, where time stopped. Rain bringing some relief to the hot, dry days. Not that it impresses the holiday makers and turns busy restaurants with their outside seating into centers of chaos. A chance for exhausted fire-fighters to catch a breath. Possibly the best burger in the world.

Dog time. A weekend with two Border Collies for company. They soon had us jumping to their routine, which had the usual priorities. Food, cuddles and walks. At night they slept on either side of the bed to ensure there was no escaping them and they would not miss out.  Studio busy with the start of the summer holidays. Changing a flat wheel for

Squeezed between 'Very Sexy' and 'Nudity', was 'S&M'! Such, the wines of our Shiraz tasting, on a long hot summer day, with a cooling breeze. Exactly, the conditions for savoury, rich, intoxicating Shiraz. Spicy pulled-pork, served with gnocchi and an avo, salsa salad, the carefully thought out meal from Suyenne. While at the Kleine Zaltze family reserve was the star, the Very

Tummy Roll Oil on Canvas 76cmx102cm My cycle was a tad adventurous with baboons all over the red-bridge. A few moved out the way, while the rest seemed content to watch me pass below where they were sitting on the top of the structure, and even those on the side seemed nonplussed. Think my time along the single-track was a personal best! Heading up towards

Terry on her way to France to see Aly and Eugene. Super-moon high tide causing havoc with the nesting oyster catches. Isolated as the storm tossed waves swamp their nests perched on tufts of reeds. Jog after a day of storms meant that I had plenty of puddles to stomp through. The magic blue tape making a reappearance as my Achilles is a tad unhappy.

Ile de pain open after a year of renovations. A minimalist, open space, with quirky touches that oozes quality, the essence of the artisanal bread and service. ‘What Could Have Been’, portrait of a homeless women. Perhaps a fitting title on the eve of the American election that is reverberating around the planet??. Her gentleness, and beauty shinning through the hardships of her life. A