January 2016
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Karoo Cottage Sold A glass of wine watching the lightning over the lagoon. Polly very unhappy.  Owls calling across the estuary, with the last of the sunset turning the clouds from golds to red. The two juveniles calling for their parents? The few drops of rain settling the garden that has been planted under the trees in the studio parking area after sorting the paving. A couple

Oil on Canvas 30cmx120cm. Sold off the easel. Special Composition constrained by the long thin canvas, inspired by a photo taken by Berand of a yacht going through the Heads. Too many conflicting ideas in my head about how to make the painting work. The narrow canvas to restrictive for the brooding skies I started with and the grey-blue pallet too flat. A bit of blood on

Riverbank in the Forest  Oil on Linen 100 x 120 cm 1918 A calm view of the banks of the river from La Mogoda Caldes , the home of his good friend Juan Antonio Guell He is considered one of the greatest representatives of Spanish impressionist landscape art.  Colour and light meant everything to Mir, and he used them to build a personal idiom in which he

I'm not the worlds best aubergine fan, however the aubergine rolls that Hirsh made were sensational. Grilled slices of aubergine, filled with ricotta and spiced with za'atar, mint, basil and chili. The flavours in the Gurnard cooked with tomatoes and bacon were amazing. A touch of genius by adding granadilla to the berry and chocolate dessert. I'm glad I wasn't driving back to

A Bed of Poppies, 1909 Painter, author, and amateur botanist expressed the visual power of flowers with these words in 1915. A leading light of the New York and new England art scenes during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Oakey Dewing painted landscapes, portraits, and figural works – many of which have not been located – but her artistic legacy is

Oil on Canvas 20cmx20cm eachThe seahorses are elusive and masters of disguise.  By blending them into the background and using colours of fantasy, the seahorses in the paintings are things of mystery.  The challenge to make the three panels work together as a unit, or individually.           

Oil on Canvas 76cmx102cm I used a limited ‘Zorn’ palette of Burnt Sienna (Red earth colour) and Raw Sienne (yellow earth colour), with Ultramarine Blue. Fun to use because you have to focus on the value structure and the warm/cool dimension. You also watch your edges more. This really makes you pin down the structure of what you are representing and the light.

Family Huddle Oil on Canvas 60cmx60cm Polly's walks getting shorter, and I'm able to head out for a jog after taking her out. Managed the time trial route, and up the hill around to the traffic lights. Furthest I've been for a long while. The stairs to the apartment suddenly very steep. Although, that could also be due to the wine consumed. Terry spending ten days

A   short walk in the forest at the Garden of Eden, before walking around the East Head rocks on a stunning morning.  Kirsten suggested that I look at the work of Elaine de Kooning. Particularly, her portrait work, which was opportune as I started work on a portrait of Sinni, one of the homeless guys we pass on our way for our morning cappuccino. His hat,