Messing About with Paint


Oil on Canvas 30cmx120cm.

Sold off the easel. Special

Composition constrained by the long thin canvas, inspired by a photo taken by Berand of a yacht going through the Heads.

Too many conflicting ideas in my head about how to make the painting work. The narrow canvas to restrictive for the brooding skies I started with and the grey-blue pallet too flat.

A bit of blood on my knuckles after the fight.



One thought on “Beyond

  1. Ann Raats

    Hi Jan darling, How very special AND I se you have a paint free shirt on! This must have given you a real kick and we’re delighted with the success you are having.

    Robbie here to enjoy his birthday supper I made him – Seafood crepes, Seared beef with wild mushrooms, rustie (sp) and salad followed by Pears in wine with a smidgen of home made ice cream.

    Happy Michael was able to visit. Love and blessings to you all


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