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A glass of wine watching the lightning over the lagoon. Polly very unhappy. 

Owls calling across the estuary, with the last of the sunset turning the clouds from golds to red. The two juveniles calling for their parents?

The few drops of rain settling the garden that has been planted under the trees in the studio parking area after sorting the paving. A couple of blisters from gardening in an apartment that had no garden.

‘Beyond’, Oil on Canvas 30cmx120cm. Composition constrained by the long thin canvas, inspired by a photo taken by Berand of a yacht going through the Heads. Too many conflicting ideas in my head about how to make the painting work. The narrow canvas to restrictive for the brooding skies I started with and the grey-blue pallet too flat. A bit of blood on my knuckles after the fight. And it’s sold!


The 3 basic Wabi Sabi principles? nothing is permanent; nothing is perfect; nothing is finished. 

Tartiflette (traditional winter comfort food) made with cauliflower and Reblochon, a soft washed-rind cheese from the French Alps, isn’t an immediate summer dinner choice. However, the need to drink aged Crozes-Hermitage was a reasonable excuse as a side dish to a braai. We moved the table out onto the patio to make the most of the fantabulous evening skies.

Overall, a good week in the studio with bunches of people, including my nephew Michael from Perth. Incredible to see these globe-trotting, confident adults. A gallery owner from Paris, equated my work to that of Soutine. Hopefully it’s the colour and thick impasto of my paintings that made him think of Soutine, rather than convulsive compositional rhythms, and the presence of disturbing psychological content!


Cascades of Colour





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