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Harbour Town Adventures

Easter, the overnight storm giving way to a sky of beautiful fluffy clouds. Cold gremlins a nuisance. No jogging. Terry in bed with Pneumonia a bit of a bother. 

The painting of the ‘Refugee Girl’, has sold. A difficult painting to sell given my emotional attachment to the South Sudan paintings. What was incredible, is that an artist – struggling with a painting – came into the studio to find inspiration. As noted by a fellow artist:


‘In letting his ‘fingers do the walking’, he creates an emotive, impressionistic and expressive impact on the viewers. You can relate to the person in the portrait and experience a part of his life, share the secrets in his heart through every single wrinkle line, white hair and twinkle in his world weary eyes.’

Storms to sundowner heaven in 12 hours. Nuts! Gale force winds trying to tear the roof from the apartment, giving way to a sun filled afternoon that mesmerizes. In between, a stunning brunch at J9.

‘Saggy Bum’, ‘Besties’ and ‘Stare Down’ are small paintings of young elephant that focused on the light, dark composition aspects, with a hint of the Alizarin Crimson and Indian Yellow I want to use for a larger canvas.

My website is navigating correctly again after a few months of trying to get the mapping from various permutations all pointing to the same place. Hours of frustrated call center miscommunication, with terminology and disconnected departments getting in the way of logic. At least it’s done. For now, anyway.

‘Out Boating’ Oil on Canvas 50cmx50cm. A romantic painting of one of the wooden boats that sail on the lagoon. The women in her black dress. With pearls! The man in his Panama hat. Combined with the historical boat seemed perfect for an impressionist painting at the height of summer. 

Lights and shadows in the painting echo those used in Regatta at Argentuille, by Monet, while the yellow and red hues are more reminiscent of Renior’s The Seine at Asnières. 

The horizon between sky and water, without substance. Freeing the imagination.

Stopped in at Sparklife Studios in Woodmill Lane, the creators of the Brother Zeb comic strips that will soon be launching in our local newspapers. A fabulous edition to the creativity that is growing in this small piece of paradise.

Saggy Bum

Oil on Canvas 20cmx20cm

Stare Down

Oil on Canvas 20cmx20cm 



Oil on Canvas 20cmx20cm



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