May 2016
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  Forest run on the contour path with an extra loop thrown in along a piece of single track marked with green spots on trees. Fortunately it was dry underfoot so the exposed roots and pine needles weren't a skating rink. Still tricky. A painting of power and menace. Danger, in those life, and death moments that are Africa. I searched for the sinews, stretched

Memories of Granada 1881.Oil on canvas, 97 x 144.5 cm. Torrential rain falls on one of the most picturesque areas of the city of Granada, where the Darro River runs alongside the street leading to the Generalife neighborhood. The choice of this city for a pictorial scene is significant in Muñoz Degrain, as he was attracted to its historical past and the possibility of

Oil on Canvas 180cmx120cm A painting of power and menace. Danger, in those life, and death moments that are Africa. I searched for the sinews, stretched across muscles, coiled with explosive energy. I adjusted the composition to increase the triangular placement of the Zebra's. Simplified the skyline which was distracting. Increasing the tonal aspect of the painting made it a tad heavy feeling, which I

The large canvas (1.8mx1.2m) has been released from where it was hiding in the canvas storage area. Zebra's from the Mountain Zebra Park, defending their foal from a hunting lioness. My hands and shoulders screaming at the demanding physical effort. I almost need to stand across the lagoon to get perspective on what it is I'm doing.  My running shoes have been out trying

FEMME À L'ÉVENTAIL  62 by 52 cm Femme à l’éventail, also known as Tête de jeune fille,was painted in 1876 during a momentous period in French painting and is considered one of Morisot's most accomplished canvases. Included in the third Impressionist group exhibition in Paris in 1877, this elegant depiction of a woman holding a fan exemplifies Morisot's technique at its most painterly

There is something personal about Mountain Zebra. It doesn't have the freneticness of larger parks and there is a quiet gentleness to being held in the cupped palm formed by the mountains. The scenery is beautiful. With an abundance of flowering plants. Mauve Wild Iris and white Erica's. Reeds tipped with delicate blue. Mountains of polished boulders, under wide blue skies. Watching a bunch of

Slightly desperate, it still exudes a frontier mentality. The maintenance being done on the national road (with a high percentage of female employment), and the wind farms generating power, giving some assurance that development is happening. Stunning architecture, struggling against a tide of poverty. No charismatic charm of some Karoo towns and villages, this is where it gets real.  Frontier real. Our history entwined in two rows

Addo Adventures We drove through the magnificent Titsikama forests, the roadside dusted with pink and a striking mauve flowering bush. Trees, tinged with yellow at the changing of season. Turning left from the sea, a sudden transition into the garden kingdom of the Addo Elephants. Smaller than their Northern brethren, dusted with red sands, they exude the carefree attitude of the surfers who call this stretch

Westminster Bridge, 1878 Oil on canvas - 110 X 95 cm Trained in Naples, the Italian-born painter Giuseppe de Nittis, in his early twenties, settled in Paris in 1868. He fell in love with Léontine Gruvelle, the daughter of an “important costume dealer in Paris” who became his model and whom he married the following year. The young couple moved into a small house in

Slow cooked lamb curry that Terry made using Durban red masala spice blend curry mix, a remnant from our days at Umhalanga Rocks. Lismore Shiraz (magnificent) and an interesting, Roussanne from Bellingham. A Rhone style white blend that hinted at fields of summer flowers and the wondrously clear light. Scrumptious. Wildflowers at Steenbok Park my painting on the easel. Striving for an abstract approach