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Harbour Town Adventures

Slow cooked lamb curry that Terry made using Durban red masala spice blend curry mix, a remnant from our days at Umhalanga Rocks. Lismore Shiraz (magnificent) and an interesting, Roussanne from Bellingham. A Rhone style white blend that hinted at fields of summer flowers and the wondrously clear light. Scrumptious.

Wildflowers at Steenbok Park my painting on the easel. Striving for an abstract approach that keeps getting bogged down in the detail of the flowers. I wanted to allow plenty of room for the flowers against an ’empty’ canvas. 

The yellow flowers were distracting, so I simplified the composition to the architectural spires of orange wild tobacco bush, with the pink of katterkruie. A few jabs of paint to create a double collared sunbird to sharpen the focal point of the painting. Particularly as the wild dagga is one of their favorite flowers.

Pancakes, cars and sunshine for the annual motor show that leads up to the Simola Hillclimb. We did our own hillclimb on an unexpectedly rainy morning, my groin muscle not too much of a bother. My toe which I managed to kick against some immovable object, a nuisance.

Waters of the lagoon still. First light turning the building at Belvedere into a floating village of white through the mist. Hills dusted pink with flowering Erica’s. Our running playground


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