Diary of an Adventure

Addo Adventures

Addo Adventures

We drove through the magnificent Titsikama forests, the roadside dusted with pink and a striking mauve flowering bush. Trees, tinged with yellow at the changing of season.

Turning left from the sea, a sudden transition into the garden kingdom of the Addo Elephants.

Smaller than their Northern brethren, dusted with red sands, they exude the carefree attitude of the surfers who call this stretch of coast paradise. A whole heap of elephants surrounded the car, pausing to ratchet up the levels of anxiety as trunks pondered how much mischief to create. We sat entranced.

Secretary bird. Full of attitude. Stabbing at the ground before throwing a tantrum and prancing off. Careful, however, to ensure that the best profile continually faced the camera, and the light was just ‘so’!

Monkeys sneaking into the chalet while we sat on the patio watching the graceful kudu. They stole little, but created a mess of broken eggs, half nibbled biscuits and chocolate. Fortunately, they didn’t bother with the wine or Nespresso.

Star filled sky. Glowing coals. Black backed jackals calling. Long forgotten stories, conjured in twisting smoke. The sound of trees being pulled apart as old tuskers searched for delicacies. 

A moment. A lifetime.


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