Diary of an Adventure

Harbour Town Adventures

Lots and lots and lots of wine with Craig and the other Forest Marathon survivors, on a spectacular day, made for one of Coreta’s braai feasts. Managed a 8km walk without to much squeaking from my Achilles. Wine the secret??:) 

I’m now the proud owner of a pair of funky running shorts. No chance of ever being missed again.

A couple of small paintings finished, with time running away from me as the weather much too splendid to be in the studio.

Mum in hospital after falling and breaking her hip. ICU recovery ward not the most inspiring place. A new steel rod, screws, cable ties and duct tape has connected the bits together. A few months of Physio and discomfort ahead.

Landing into a world that seemed crafted from a futuristic Armageddon. A fiery sunset sky, the perfect backdrop to fires burning across the veld. Rivers of carlights quickening the pulse. Jozie, where fingers freeze on the steering wheel in the cold morning and people are friendly.

Passages within the hospital becoming a familiar playground. Navigating the seemingly illogical layout and departments. Staff helpful, humerous, attentive and, despite looking wrecked, patient. 


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