Diary of an Adventure

Harbour Town Adventures

Restlessness stirs. Sea siren, driven on the silhouette of a wooden cutter that sailed through the sunset. Carefree child, and her dog. Oblivious to the world outside her paddle board. Adventure beckons.
Terry improving slowly. Stubbornly high blood pressure still a worry. The key, not trying to do too much.
In my painting, elephants in the forest at Hoekwill Forest Station. Colours of tree lichen, that touch of Cezanne. Turquoise a more contemporary approach. I simplified the painting with an increased focus on tonal aspects to add mystery and allow the mind to determine shapes in the forest.
Joubert-Tradauw Pinot Noir is not a typical Pinot. It’s as if someone decided to take the traditional PinotNoir expectation and let it bake in the Karoo for a few decades. There is a hint of ‘renoster-bos’, infused with the timeless complexity of the Karoo. Delicious.
An excellent olive and chorizo dish cooked on the Webber, pure decadence. Smokey olive oil caught in crusty bread. Only knowing that Clare had prepared a bunch of other food kept me from scraping the last bit of flavour from the dish.
Illustrations from Juba, South Sudan, featured in the Kalahari Review
A Pokemon stop outside the studio creating all sorts of mayhem. Kids on bicycles and skateboards swerving wildly about the place as they focus on the images on their phones, rather than chairs, tables, easels, people or cars.

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