September 2016
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Lagoon full of sails, kite surfers cross the wake of ski boats. The waters a smidgen warmer as the wind settles into its summer pattern. Eerily still in the morning, before throwing an after lunch tantrum. The easel outside the studio anchored against the unpredictable tempests. Holidays. Dirty fingers across windows. Dog land mines. The studio busy with artists, tourists and other interested types. Terry

A couple of small paintings to increase stock levels after a spate of sales in the studio. Which has also seen new group visits, personalized tours and interest from those passing. Painting of 'Narine Vase', 'Sunbird', 'Sunbird and protea', and 'Elephant at play', sold. Logistical hassles of getting the painting of the 'Sunbird' to Cape Town to be checked in on the flight to

Being on the down-slope side of a corner, which is also the edge of the mountain slope is not a good place to be. Especially with loose sand and stones! The cycle up Simola and along the contours a tad beyond my bicycle handling, and fitness ability. I did weave across the road to get some king of momentum up the Simola climb. My

Oil on Canvas 90cmx60cm The beach paintings of Joaquin Sorolla are full of movement and life, capturing the innocent pleasure of children in particular. This, my inspiration for the painting of the Boy and his dog. Bold strokes, on an underpainting of Naples Yellow that pushed into the abstract expressionism boundaries for the painting. For the shadows in the painting, I used Purple Madder (Van Dyk

  The sky dumping large volumes of water with the first leak in the garage a result. Not surprising. Still a nuisance. With the spring high tides and the swollen rivers, flooding is happening around us that makes our localized wet patch a triviality. Gastronomic delights. The carefree summer of the Mediterranean blended with French culinary skill. Chef's immersed in their ingredients, searching for that

Oil on Canvas 90cmx60cm   From a photo by Berend, of the NSRI boat waiting to pass through the Heads. To highlight the bravery of the NSRI crew, and the enormity of passing into unknown seas and storms, the waters of the lagoon are an unsettled platform. The clouds and seas a maelstrom. I used an under-painting of Cobalt Blue, Venice Red and Permanent Magenta, which as

Birthday wake up, closing my thumb in the coffee cup drawer! Cheesecake at Sedgfield market, a better way to start the day. With Dad here, a joint birthday outing on the Paddle Cruiser which we see daily from the patio of the studio apartment. As Dad couldn't manage the stairs, we sat outside downstairs, at the front of the cruiser, which although chilly in

For Spring 2016, surround yourself in colours full of the energy of a new season. Flora, the Roman goddess of flowering plants, was depicted wearing light spring clothing, holding small bouquets of flowers, sometimes crowned with blossoms. Ovid identifies Her with the Greek flower-nymph Chloris, whose name means "yellow or pale green", the colour of Spring. Step into a magical wonderland of Impressionist flowers, one