Messing About with Paint

Station 12

Oil on Canvas 90cmx60cm


From a photo by Berend, of the NSRI boat waiting to pass through the Heads.

To highlight the bravery of the NSRI crew, and the enormity of passing into unknown seas and storms, the waters of the lagoon are an unsettled platform. The clouds and seas a maelstrom.

I used an under-painting of Cobalt Blue, Venice Red and Permanent Magenta, which as a tad magenta heavy. For the seas, the grey of Cobalt Blue and Venice red was supplemented with Mediterranean green, and a hint of Phthalo Blue. For the sky, I used zink white with turquoise, cobalt blue and the grey mix. I ended up with spots of Indian Yellow as my finger brushed it while being charged with the blue mix. It added a bit of mystery to the painting which I left.


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